The Old Town Predator MX fishing kayak is a full 12’ long and 34” wide giving you a very stable fishing platform for your fishing adventure. The Element seating system allows an easy switch from a high setting for fishing to a low setting for paddling. The watertight cover gives you a dry space to store your phone and other valuables. We can drop and pick-up your kayak at several launches in the area at no additional charge. We provide the paddle, vest, and cooler with ice and water.


  • Element Seating System
  • Slip Resistant Exo-Ridge Deck
  • Rod Tip Holders and Rod Retainer Bungees
  • Side-Mount Paddle Storage and Molded Paddle Rest
  • Large Bow Hatch with watertight cover
  • Dual Tackle Holders
  • Softside cooler included with ice and bottled water

  • Landing net included
  • Fishing gear available for rent (see add-ons page)

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Get ready for a new fishing experience! Be closer to the water and the action with highly-customized features engineered to meet the needs of avid anglers and weekend warriors, alike. Whether sitting or standing this kayak rental delivers the perfect platform for fishing and on-water sporting.

We drop off and pick up at one location each day, and at one time. If you are the first renter of the day, or the only renter, you can pick the time and place. If someone else has already picked, you will have to follow along. All the drop-in points provide great fishing opportunities. We will meet you at the selected location 15 mins ahead of your rental time. We’ll drop off the kayak, help you load up, and then you are off on your adventure. If you decide to return before your rental period is complete, just give us a call 30 mins before you plan to come in and we will meet you at the same location to pick up the kayak, or provide other instructions.

Most often we drop kayaks in along WI-25 which goes between Wabasha, MN and Nelson, WI. Refer to the map for more information. There are four drop-off options there. We also offer drop-offs at Wilcox landing, which is off Wabasha County Rd 24. Both Minnesota and Wisconsin fishing license holders are allowed for fishing in these areas.